Industry Update

Boat Statistics

Data from the State DMV:
Registered Boats

Year Power Non-Power Total

Data from the City Harbors Department:

Number of Permanent Slips................1,347

Moorage Rates:

Permanent Slip ................ $1.90/ft/mo
Transient Slips:    
0' - 80' feet ................ $0.35/ft/day
81' - 150' feet ................ $0.60/ft/day
151' feet & up ................ $0.90/ft/day
Seasonal Reserved Moorage ................ $1.50/ft/day


A 12 page report on the Maritime Economy of Southeast Alaska was released this year and provides and excellent overview of the importance of marine inudustry to our local and regional economy. For example, did you know that 26% of work related income in Southeast Alaska comes directly from maritime employment?
CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the report.

Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative - SITKA

Industry and agency partners show strong FSMI support during board of regents meeting in Sitka. "Japonski Island is well suited to host important partnerships with seafood, maritime and fishing companies, businesses and agencies."
CLICK HERE to READ the entire story.

Invasive Sea Squirt - Didemnum vexillum

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game will have new authority to swiftly deal with aquatic species outbreaks, which wreak havoc in much of the Lower 48, with names like "Rock Snot" (Didymo) and "Sea Vomit" (Dvex), thanks to a bill passed by the Alaska House on April 11, 2012. READ MORE

Didemnum vexillum linkMORE ABOUT this invasive sea squirt

The ADF&G requests that Whiting Harbor be avoided, due to the invasive tunicate "D. vex." If entrance cannot be avoided, decontaminate anything that comes into contact with the seafloor or water, even if you don't see visible signs, by completely drying gear, soaking gear in fresh water for 48 hours, or washing gear with a bleach solution. Also add a small amount of bleach to bilge tanks.

IF YOU SEE THIS stuff growing on rocks or your fishing gear. DO NOT attempt to remove it. CONTACT Tammy Davis at the Department of Fish & Game 1-877-INVASIV (1-877-468-2748) to report the location.

Even small pieces of this stuff will grow and spread.

Sawmill Cove Port Development Planning

The Sawmill Cove Indushial Park( SCP) Board of Directors, through the City and
Borough of Sitka" (CBS) desires to select a private company(s) to conduct a feasibility and preliminary planning study to analyze the financial viability of establishing a marine service industry at the Park to include: a marine haul out facility, a commercial large vessel moorage facility, and a deep water docking facility. Additionally the SCIP Board would like to investigate the condition of the existing Park infrastructure, the bathymery of the tidelands surrounding the Park, and the possibility of safely developing a rock quarry adjacent to the Park. DOWNLOAD SCIP Port Development Planning Document of January 12, 2012.

Wrangell Marine Service Industry

In 2002, a feasibility study for a Marine Services Center in Wrangell we completed and since that time Wrangell has been actively and successfully developing their Marine Services Center.
DOWNLOAD the 2002 Feasibility Study.
DOWNLOAD the City of Wrangell Marine Services Center Business Plan, 2004.

Ketchikan Marine Industry Development

Ketchikan is actively working to develop more marine industry. CLICK HERE to go to the Ketchikan Marine Industry Council website.

The Sawmill Cove Board of Directors met with representatives of the Sitka Port and Harbors Commission. Points of discussion included:

1) Need for a covered work area and boat storage in Sitka.
2) Potential need for a boat launch ramp somewhere on Sawmill Creek Road.
The launch ramp in front of Harrigan Centennial Hall may be removed during the upgrade and expansion of the facility.
3) Assessing the needs of the local commercial fishing fleet regarding boat haulout and repair services.
4) Designation of harbor slips for direct seafood sales.

Halibut Point Marine opened a deepwater port facility able to accommodate vessels up to 1000 feet for moorage or freight transfer. This is a privately run commercial facility.

Based on the results of the 2007 Marine Industries Survey, a request for proposals to develop a marine service industry at Sawmill Cove Industrial Park was released in the spring of 2009. One proposal was received and preliminary negotiations took place with major shipyard. However, as of April 2010, it appears this shipyard has withdrawn its interest.

Sitka Marine Industries Survey 2007

Thank you to those who participated in the survey. The results of the survey have been recorded. Download the survey results (64kb, PDF).

Download the 2007 Marine Haulout Market Survey Questionnaire.

LINK: Southeast Alaska Maritime Industry Cluster - Southeast Conference