Industry Update

Boat Statistics

Commercial fishing vessels home-ported in Sitka.

2013 = 661
2012 = 631
2011 = 641
2010 = 607
2009 = 607
2008 = 590
2007 = 570
Source: Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

Registered Boats (all types)
2014 = 2,072
2013 = 2,076
2012 = 2,064
2011 = 2,060
2010 = 2,020
2009 = 2,047
2008 = 2,066
Source: Alaska DMV

Commercial Seafood Harvest & Processing Statistics - DOWNLOAD courtesy of United Fishermen of Alaska

So Long, Seafood! Ocean Acidification Projected to Slam Alaskan Fisheries

"An acidification spike around the coast of British Columbia in February 2014 wiped out 10 million scallops. Acidification in the the Pacific Northwest around 2006 began dissolving oyster larvae, wiping out some hatchery populations completely. But projected acidification in Alaska would be on a much grander scale. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on the Alaskan fishing industry for jobs and food."
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Trends and Opportunities in the Alaska Maritime Industrial Support Sector

This comprehensive report was released in September 2014 and provides a lot of good information on opportunities that exist for development and/or expansion of Marine Industry Support Services.
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A 12 page report on the Maritime Economy of Southeast Alaska was released this year and provides and excellent overview of the importance of marine inudustry to our local and regional economy. For example, did you know that 26% of work related income in Southeast Alaska comes directly from maritime employment?
CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the report.

Fisheries, Seafood and Maritime Initiative - SITKA

Industry and agency partners show strong FSMI support during board of regents meeting in Sitka. "Japonski Island is well suited to host important partnerships with seafood, maritime and fishing companies, businesses and agencies."
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LINK: Southeast Alaska Maritime Industry Cluster - Southeast Conference