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Registered Boats in Sitka

Year          Motorized     Non-Motorized        All Boats

2016           2043               16                         2059

2015           2048               14                         2062

2014           2060               12                         2072

The City and Borough of Sitka Harbor Department operates and maintains 5 boat harbors to include Crescent Harbor, Sealing Cove Harbor, ANB Harbor, Thomsen Harbor and Eliason Harbor. The city has a tidal grid available, a gear work float and a drive down load/unload zone. Sitka also has a moorage area at the Port Facility (City Wall) that can handle up to a 300’ vessel, there is also a hoist with a maximum limit of 1,500 lbs.

Sitka moors a large fleet of commercial fishing vessels, recreation and charter vessels. During the summer we also see large yachts, from all over the world, visit our harbors. All the Sitka harbors are within walking distance to grocery stores, marine supply stores, restaurants and downtown. The harbor department also have restrooms at all harbors as well as shower facilities on site above Eliason Harbor.

In 2016, Sitka became the 4th Alaska Clean Harbor.  To become a certified Alaska Clean Harbor, a facility must implement best management practices that help to prevent pollution and reduce waste at their facility. They must be pro-active in communicating with their customers and dedicated to providing services and assistance to their staff and boaters to protect water quality. We know that drips and spills will still happen, but through working with Alaska Clean Harbors, we believe that harbors, like Sitka, are making change and improving our water quality and the quality of our harbors. 

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Sitka's Moorage Rates

Permanent Moorage

$3.51 per foot per month of vessel length or stall length (whichever is greater) i.e. 43’ vessel assigned 45’ stall, will be billed at the stall length or a 45’vessel in a 40’ stall will be billed at the vessel length.

Vessels 20 feet in length and under $2.62 per foot per month, if owners pay in advance for one year

Transient Moorage

          $1.09 per foot per day (0’-80’)

          $1.86 per foot per day (81’-150’)

          $2.80 per foot per day (150’+)

25% discount on daily rate Fishing Vessels and Tenders with a Fish Ticket. Contact the Harbor Dept. for details.

Permanent Float Plane rate

$150.00 per quarter

Transient Float Plane Rate

$20.00 per day


Live-aboard Vessels that have permanent moorage or are hot berthed will pay the minimum residential user’s fees for garbage, water, and sewer on a monthly basis if power is put in the owner's name.

Tidal Grid

Vessels 50 feet in length and under: $0.80 per foot, per day.
Vessels 51 feet in length and above: $1.00 per foot, per day.

These charges are in addition to the permanent tenant quarterly moorage rates, or, daily transient fees.

Monthly Transient Permits (30 days)

$18.69 per foot of overall length up to 150’

$28.02 per foot of overall length for 151’ and up

Reserved moorage

Eliason Harbor end ties $3.22 a foot per day per vessel length or stall length whichever is greater.

O’Connell Bridge tender dock; $11.02 a foot per day of overall length of vessel or stall length. Bridge is 180’.

Vessel Wait List

Vessels on the wait list shall be charged $3.51 per foot of the overall vessel length, per month, payable in advance, quarterly. The fee paid to get on the wait list is equal to a quarter’s moorage and is non-refundable and does not get applied to moorage.

Transient Electricity

Transient Electricity. The fee for using an electrical meter other than a meter in the vessel owner’s name will be $7.00 per day for thirty amp service. For fifty amp single phase service, $15.00 per day up to 4 days. 5 days and beyond, the fee will be as follows; $10.00 in and a $10.00 out meter reading fee, plus actual consumption. 
100 amp 3 phase: $10.00 in and $10.00 out meter reading fee, plus consumption.

Be sure to include 5% sales tax (October 1 to March 31). From April 1 to September 30 the sales tax will be 6%.

Other Fees:


  • $0.92 per 1,000 gal. - 0 to 33,300 ($25.00 minimum)

  • $0.85 per 1,000 gal. - 33,301 to 90,000

  • $0.73 per 1,000 gal. - 90,001 to 270,000

  • $0.61 per 1,000 gal. - 270,001 to 410,000

  • $0.37 per 1,000 gal. - 410,001 to 800,000

Harbor Staff labor- $56.00 per hour ½ hour minimum.

GARBAGE - Commercial Dumpster - $224.13 ( upon request)

IMPOUND FEE - $51.25

PUMPING - $51.25

TOWING - $102.50 plus employee labor

LAUNCH RAMP FEES - $5.00 in, $5.00 out, or a yearly permit is $75.00 (calendar year)

Emergency dewatering - $51.25 (gas operated pump or sump pump plus labor)

Dewatering pump rental - (110 vlt sump) $100.00 deposit, $6.00 per day, not to exceed 3 days.

Absorbent materials- Oil pads 1 bale $66.50 or $.70 each.

Sausage boom-5”x10’ bale $118.00

Note: Quoted rates DO NOT include Sitka sales tax.

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ANB Harbor

ANB Harbor

Sealing Cove Harbor

Sealing Cove Harbor

Thomsen Harbor

Thomsen Harbor

Eliason Harbor

Eliason Harbor

Crescent Harbor

Crescent Harbor